Behind the Scenes - Watercolor Society of Oregon and Menucha Workshop

Del Moore and Chris Stubbs 

Gary Stubbs, Del Moore, Chris Stubbs and Dorothy Moore

Chris Stubbs, her husband Gary, Del Moore and 
Dorothy Moore set up the lighting and camera for 
our WSO / Menucha Spring Workshop, May 15-19 2016. 
As instructor for this workshop, I offer many thanks.
This is just a glimpse of the "behind the scenes" effort 
that makes this workshop come to life. 
Thank you Del, Dorothy, Chris and Gary for your 
time and expertise.

Scott Crane

Scott Crane, the program Director for Menucha
handled the sound system and the microphone.
For months prior to the workshop he
kept us on track. All the arrangements required 
to set up the main room, room reservations, and meals
were in place and ready for the eager artists 
arriving in May. He and Christine were also on hand to help
artists unload, if they needed assistance.
What a joy it was to have so many 
helping to make this workshop a success. 
Thank you!