Buffalo Grass Art Society Workshop

Maude Durland
What a treat to be invited back to the Buffalo Grass Art Society!
See their work and watch for their annual sale:      

This group of accomplished artists invite 
a different artist every month to lead a day long workshop. 

What I observe, as an instructor, is that each artist is willing 
to keep an open mind, regardless of their painting style, areas of expertise or high level of accomplishment. They continue 
to work at opening new pathways of expression and 
"check their egos at the door".  

We started with a "Stronger Design - Before and After" 
digital presentation, then moved on to creative mark 
making. From mark making with pencil, we graduated to 
using graffiti tools.

Thank you to all of the Buffalo Grass members 
who joined the fun.

Sandy Dutko and Bruce Ulrich

Sunny Smith

Mitch Wolfsehr

Dee Rommel

Chris Stubbs

Liz Walker

Katy Neill


Ruth Armitage said…
Looks like a wonderful, exciting session, Linda!
leah said…
Very cool! Each artist's design offers their own power.
Thank you Leah, Ruth and Betty,
Always great to have your feedback.