Learning from Painting in a Series

Newport Series - 4 Paintings
Artist: Linda Rothchild Ollis
Each painting size: 20 x 20 inches

Deciding to paint this painting four times helped me to
improve painting skills, make subtle changes in the composition,
explore neutral color combinations and learn how to push the color
dominance of the painting from cool to warm.

These are all predominantly transparent watercolor.
Number five in this series will be featured in the next post.


Each one is so beautifully executed! I could not name a favorite-how about you? Does one seem "the best?"
Thank you Margaret. Each one brings a new idea for the next, so I am enjoying each one as a learning experience.
Congrats to you on being juried into the Signature show by Stephen Quiller. Glad your heron series is still flying high!.
Linda - you are so good! And so disciplined! Sadly, not I. These are wonderful - great composition, color, light. Hugs, Phyllis

Hi Linda, I enjoyed scrolling through your blog. I'm sharing this post on the NWWS main Facebook page on 9 Feb. I hope its OK/fine with you. I like reading your thoughts on design!

Peggy, I am honored that you shared my post on the NWWS main Facebook page.
Thank you and congratulations on your painting being selected for the CWA Catalog Cover...Hooray for you!