Joy to You in 2015!

Title : Newport 925
Size: 20 x 20 inches
Medium: Watercolor / Acrylic
Artist: Linda Rothchild Ollis

The wonderful response (on Facebook and in the
last two posts on this blog) to the first two paintings
in this series led me to this third painting.

Interesting to note that the vote was almost even.
Ten voted in favor of the predominantly cool painting
with the dark horizontal band at the top.
Twelve voted in favor of the predominantly warm
painting with the "L" shaped composition.

After seriously weighing each comment, I decided to
combine what I learned from you, to create this third painting.
The new passage and color on the left side of the
painting, as well as the seagulls add the suggestion of
a scene I have witnessed many times...the seagulls
waiting for a meal.
As the fishermen clean their salmon for customers,
they often toss the unwanted parts of the catch to the


These are great paintings...hope you are planning on entering them big time! LaVonne
Always an honor to receive the green light from you!
Yes, I am working towards developing this series and sending them to competitions.
Thank you for your comment and encouragement.