46th Annual Watercolor West Exhibition - Joyful Moments

Francesca Brayton, Vickie Rothchild, Sharon Kale holding
the award envelope.

It just made my day to receive these photos from my
sister, Sharon Kale. She and my mother, Vickie Rothchild
traveled to Brea for the show opening and to see my
painting in the 46th Annual Watercolor West Exhibition.
Francesca Brayton, President of Watercolor West,
presented the awards at the opening.

Vickie, with my painting, "Old Tug 10" Transparent Watercolor

Chris Stubbs won an award at this show.

It meant a lot to me that Chris, an artist friend, that
I have admired for years,
greeted my mom and sister at the show.
Click on the link below to see her work:

Thank you to the Signature Members for their
contributions to this award. Leslie Cheney-Parr,
one of the signature members on this list.
is also from Oregon and won an award at this show.


Liz said…
Congratulations Linda! Your mother looks fantastic and what an honor for all of you!
Ruth Armitage said…
I am so thrilled for you Linda! Way to go!
Thank you Liz and Ruth.
I appreciate your kind words.