Who Is That Guy in the Electric Light Outfit?

Mark Allyn - Light Artist

One of the perks of being juried into the
Cascade AIDs Art Auction, earlier this month, is
meeting artists like Mark Allyn.
Here he is with my friend Jodie, the evening of the auction:

Want to know more about Mark Allyn?
He explains how he uses LED lights and
spoons to turn his bicycle into art, in the
(link) interview below by Greg Raisman:

Click on the link below to check out his art:

Moment of Hope
Acrylic on Cradled Board
12 x 12 inches

Some of you asked about my painting "Moment of Hope"
 (from an earlier post) that was juried into the art auction.
Many thanks to the patron who bid over $600 to purchase it.
A great way to donate to a worthy cause!