Thank You Buffalo Grass Art Society


It was a treat for me to teach an experimental
acrylic painting class at the
Buffalo Grass Art Society Workshop, at the end of February.

Go to their link
to see the amazing work of each artist.

Once you see the paintings on their website, you will
immediately understand why I have admired the artists
in this group for years. Thank you Buffalo Grass
for your enthusiasm and the opportunity to share
my latest transparent/opaque texture techniques.

Their art show is one of the best in the Portland metro area.
The Information link on their site will give
you an easy way to sign up for their newsletter, so you
can watch for their annual art show.

 Today and tomorrows posts will show the
the Buffalo Grass Artists at work and play.


Airi and Amanda




Ruth Armitage said…
Looks like a lot of fun, Linda! Everyone is knee deep in their work :) I need to work on getting photos during a workshop... Good for you!