Playing With Fire - Coos Art Museum

Continued from yesterday's post -
The Chihuly and Pilchuk influence on the artists in the
"Playing with Fire" Exhibit at the Coos Art Museum:

"After a head-on collision in 1976 which blinded his right
eye and a body surfing accident in 1978 which hurt his
shoulder, Dale Chihuly began to employ a series of
Pilchuk artists in the actual production of his glass art
pieces. From his vision a whole movement has sprung
up, sometimes called "The Northwest Glass Art Movement",
and many of the artists represented here in this current
show are directly involved with that movement:
Richard Royal and Martin Blank have blown glass for Chihuly;
Joseph Gregory Rossano was the manager of Chihuly's
studio; Cappy Thompson and Preston Singletary are both
currently listed as faculty at Pilchuk; Dick Weiss and Paul
Marioni (father of Dante Marioni, also a world-famous
glass blower) were among the earliest influences in the
Northwest Glass Art Movement. Jenny Pohlman and
Sabrina Knowles, Ann Gardner, Linda Ethier, Catherine Newell,
Karin Richardson and Chris Hawthorne are all Pilchuk alumni.
The Coos Art Museum is pleased to be able to bring to our
region this historic exhibit of glass art in the Pacific Northwest".
The above is posted on the sign you see as you enter this