Realizing Your Painting's Potential at Trails End Art Association

Top row from Left: Cynthia, Jeannette, Dina, Susan, Ellen.
Bottom row from left: Linda, Susan, Lou, Chris.
Photo by Mary Ann Gantenbein

Thank you to Trails End Art Association for inviting me to
be part of their popular "Summer Art In Gearhart" program,
for the fourth year.
Ellen Zimet continues to excel at coordinating and developing
this program. She confirmed that two Gerald Brommer workshops,
will be offered in Summer 2014.
This will be the perfect "close to home" opportunity, for northwest
artists to study with this recognized master, recently featured in
International Artist's Magazine for several issues.
It is not too early to contact Ellen Zimet at,
as she already has artists signing up for both the 3-day and
the 5-day workshops.

My workshop, "Amazing Watermedia Design",
focused on enjoying the wonders of the painting process
and realizing each painting's potential. We sprayed, splashed,
flowed and lifted paint. With each new discovery, oohs and ahhs
rippled through the room.
Kitchen spatulas, tiling and grout
spreaders were among the "not your typical" art tools used.
As each artist developed their painting, I photographed their
work. I edited it on my computer, according to each artist's
suggestions, so they could see their painting's potential.
Artists saw the "before and after" results without touching
paint to paper.
Here are our workshop photos:

Chris was skilled at developing a drip technique.

Susan's example of Yupo "flow and blow".

Dina lifts acrylic paint off  Yupo with alcohol.

Jeannette came early and helped set-up the room.

Ellen relaxing before class starts.

Cynthia enhances her flower shapes

Susan develops her first layer on Yupo.

Lou begins adding paint to first layers on watercolor paper

Evening view from the cottage provided for my stay.