Phyllis Meyer, NWS - Featured Artist

Title: Temptation
Artist: Phyllis Meyer

Title: The Captain
Artist: Phyllis Meyer

Title: Trepidation
Artist: Phyllis Meyer

These are just a few of my favorite paintings
created by Phyllis Meyer. It has been a pleasure
to know Phyllis for several years. We met at
the Watercolor Society of Oregon and I always
look forward to seeing her authentic, fresh,
and beautifully designed paintings.Her ability
to incorporate her humor into her work
always makes me smile.
Below is a photo of Phyllis with some of her
brilliant collage pieces at the opening of her
show at the Lane Gallery in Portland, Oregon.
The show will be there for the month of July.

Phyllis Meyer - Lane Gallery , Portland Oregon


Ruth Armitage said…
Congratulations Phyllis! One of my favorite artists :)
Hi Linda, I thought this was a wonderful article and shared on the NWWS Facebook page. I enjoyed the paintings by Phyllis Meyer; great tribute!
Thank you so much for sharing this post about Phyllis.
Love seeing her work on NWWS Facebook Page.