4 Sold at Art Challenge 2013 - The Village Gallery of Arts Portland, Oregon

Title: 4 Gratitude
Artist: Linda Rothchild Ollis
Size: Each canvas is 6 x 6 inches
Medium: Acrylic
All 4 have SOLD.

"4 Gratitude" are four more of my
explorations into texture using
fluid acrylics.
One of the requirements of this
challenge is to create four paintings
that relate to each other
through color or subject matter.

Congratulations to
Shelley Lebel on her
success in bringing this event together.
She is the 
master mind behind
The 4th Annual Art Challenge 
at The Village Gallery of Arts at Cornell and Saltzman
(Murray Exit off of Hwy 26).
Here is the link if you decide to participate
in this fund raiser next year!


Ruth Armitage said…
They are so beautiful Linda! Congratulations!