Abundance 2 and More About Kathleen Conover

Abundance 2
Artist: Linda Rothchild Ollis
12 x 12 inches
Mixed Media

This painting is my acrylic adaptation of a technique that
Kathleen Conover teaches as a watercolor technique
in her workshop. Her "gesso juice"
formula is in Watercolor Artist Magazine, Feb. 2012
Kathleen Conover Feature, Meredith E. Lewis, (FW Publications).
Check your local library, if you don't want to pay the download fee.
In addition to Kathleen's article,
this issue includes work by top artists in "The Years Best Paintings".

Kathleen's YouTube video "Chaos to Order"
is worth viewing: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yLSYo2kEy24
Her teaching style, is organized with well thought out lessons.
She has a gift for guiding you as an artist, in a positive, helpful way that
encourages each student to succeed, with regard to all
levels of experience.
Thank you Kathleen for a great learning experience!


Anonymous said…
Ooooh! Linda! How wonderful your Abundance 2 piece is!
There is so much dimension--I want to crawl into it.

L. Marie
I appreciate your kind words!