Play with Composition - So Many Choices When Using Photoshop Elements

The artists in my October class, at The Village Gallery,
suggested that this demo painting needed something
in the distance.
The foggy feel of the graded wash wasn't enough.

We were studying graded washes, reflections in the sand,
applying white on a graded wash and creating a horizontal
band compostion.
Before I added the distant waves in the above image,
using Photoshop Elements,
the painting looked like this:

Thank you, Bobbie Willard, Michelle Winter, Leslie Williamson,
Annette Van Dyke and Cyndie Christiansen for your
great suggestion.
If you like the way your suggestion looks, I hope you will add
it to your paintings!
For those of you interested in the Photoshop Elements Tools:
First I sampled the gray blue on the bottom
of the painting with the Eye Dropper Tool.
With that gray blue in the Foreground Color Box,
I used the Gradient Tool > Reflected Gradient and pulled
a short line and then a longer line to create the two lines
in the distance.
Changing the Foreground Color Box to white, I used the
Brush Tool set on transparent settings of 30% and less to
play with the foam of the waves.