Sedona Inspiration - Canyon Walls 309

Canyon Walls 309
Acrylic - Mixed Media on Cradled Board
12" x 12"
Artist: Linda Rothchild Ollis

This painting was inspired by a recent trip to Arizona.
Five days of art talk, plein aire studies, taking reference photos,
art galleries and fabulous food with my artist friends,
Dyanne, Sally, Kara and Ruth.

The amazing brilliant blue sky,
red rock formations and white clouds are still fresh in my mind.

More in my next post.


Ruth Armitage said…
I love the feeling in your canyon ealls painting Linda! We will be traveling there in our minds this week it looks like!
Lisa in Eugene said…
Very nice. What is cradle board?
Hi Lisa,
A 1 1/2" thick cradle on the back provides extra support and presentation options, giving a framed
appearance on the sides. The four sides are natural wood or painted and similar to a box or the sides of a stretched canvas. Google Ampersand Cradled Boards for images.

I enjoyed your Suburban Hens link on your blog. My friend Ruth has given me warm eggs from her hens. I liked the tip about adding vinegar to the boiling water to make peeling hard boiled eggs easier.
Thank you Phyllis, Jennie and Dyanne for your comments:

Beautiful! Beautiful! Love to see your work. Phyllis


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From Jennie O'Connor

Love the painting... beautiful colors and the gradation in each shape.
We had fun in the sun! D.
Carrie H. said…
I bet you guys had a great time visiting and getting in all kinds of trouble! Great painting. I'm going to try to get out to Sequoia on Saturday morning for the fluid acrylic demo. Yay!