Acrylics for Brilliant Transparent Paintings - Student Gallery

Our Acrylics for Brilliant Transparent Paintings Class
at The Village Gallery, had some excellent painting
sessions this month, as we studied cloud formations,
wet into wet, lifting, and more.

Here is a mini-show of their work:

Artist: Liz Thoresen


Artist: Yvonne Lamont


Artist: Terry Rohe

Artist: Mike Porter


Artist: Annette Van Dyke

Artist: JoAnna Hay

Here are the artists in front of The Village Gallery:

Annette, Yvonne, Terry

Liz, JoAnna, Mike

Nice work everyone! It was a pleasure to paint with
all of you. I am looking forward to April 2, when we study
reflections in water.


Thank you LaVonne for your email:

Looks like your students had fun and success!