Supply List - Acrylics

Acrylics for Brilliant Transparent Paintings -  Jan. - Oct. 2013 (No Class in Aug.)
  The Village Gallery

  on Monday mornings 9:30 - noon.
Please register at least one week prior to the first Monday of the month.
The Gallery is closed to the public on Mondays and there is no registration on the day class starts.
The dates of the Mondays that the class meets are available at the gallery, 503.644.8001.

Acrylic Class Supply List  

Instructor:        Linda Rothchild Ollis  
Contact Linda at 503.944.9898 or email: lindasteve655 (symbol for "at")

Supply List:
Clothing –  Painting apron or Old clothes – Spills, splattering and being messy are all good.

            1 FULL Sheet of 140 lb Cold Press Fabriano, Arches 100% cotton fiber.
            Tracing Paper Pad or sheets– at least two 8 x 11 inch or larger sheets
            Drawing Paper (for value studies)
            1 Piece of foam core or art board 12” x 16” or larger for palette
            1 Piece of foam core or cardboard – 14” x 14” or larger and at least ½” thick.
                        You will staple or tape watercolor paper to this board.

Golden Fluid Acrylics (1 fluid oz. bottle) each artist brings these to class
(Underlined paints =
Required Basic Palette):                                                              
            1. Hansa Yellow Medium                     
                        2. Yellow Oxide                       
            3. Napthol Red Light
                        4. Quinacridone Magenta        
            5. Phthalo Blue (Green Shade)
                        6. Ultramarine Blue                 
            7. Phthalo Green (Blue Shade)            
            8. Titanium White
Additional Golden Fluid Acrylic Paints I use in demos depending on subject matter
(purchase optional - if you like the color when you see it in a demo):
            Transparent Red Iron Oxide
            Transparent Pyrrole Orange
            Burnt Sienna
            Carbon Black
            I use Reynolds white Freezer Paper (with plastic coating on one side) wrapped around foam core board.
Watercolor Brushes that I use for acrylic painting:
            Robert Simmons  Series 755 1 inch flat white sable Skyscraper
            Robert Simmons  Series 785 white sable or synthetic #12 Round  - must hold good point
            Robert Simmons  Series 785 white sable or synthetic #4 Round for detail

Old Palette Knife or plastic spoon


Ruler                12 inch or yardstick for cutting full sheet of watercolor paper                                    

Pencils             2B soft lead Berol or any brand that is wax or grease free

Eraser              White plastic – I like Mars Staedtler

Tape                 Masking or drafting tape ½ inch wide

Fine Mist Spray Bottle to mist paints   
Water Container           2   24oz or larger (recycled clean yogurt or sour cream) container
Paint Mixing Containers   3 8oz plastic containers with tight fitting lids (recycled deli or Tupperware)
1 Roll Paper Towels

2 Old dishtowels or Rags (wax and grease free)