Ferry Ticket 11

"Ferry Ticket 11"
Acrylic on 100% Rag Watercolor Paper
Artist: Linda Rothchild Ollis
Image: 20" x 20"  Framed: 28" x 28"

Last summer, the Blackball Ferry from Port Angeles to
Victoria was ready to leave, when the ferry official
yelled, "One more walk-on!". The safety net at the end of
the ferry was pulled back and the protective gate was unlocked.
Down the ramp and through the gate came the
young woman in the painting above. Her beaming smile,
youthful stride and ticket in hand said so much. She
represents the energy and enthusiasm I have for ferry travel.
When she saw me capturing the moment with my camera,
she generously gave me a smile.
This is a continuation of paintings that focus on ways to quiet or
abstract information that is not the focal point and an attempt
to mix what is realistic with less realistic.


Thank you for your comment, Ellen,

Just beautiful. What a great smile - lovely picture.