Photoshop - Sauvie Island Clouds I - Part I

Sauvie Island Clouds I
Acrylic on Cradle Board
12" x 12"
Artist: Linda Rothchild Ollis

Using Photoshop Elements to try the following ideas
helped me find my way to the finished painting above.
The early stage of the painting looked like this:

Seeing the image in grayscale at this stage, convinced
me that the clouds and farmland scene needed a frame
or border to give it more emphasis.
Originally I played with the concept of showing part
of the painting in an unfinished stage, which is what the
clouds to the left represent.
I added the frame using by selecting the frame shape
with the Polygonal Lasso Tool and filling it with
a the Gradient Tool.
Next I used the Paint Brush Tool in the Dissolve Mode
to add a spattered look around the frame.
I liked the changes enough to change the direction
of the painting.
In the next post,  "Photoshop - Sauvie Island Clouds - Part II,
I will show the final steps of the painting.