Quadra Island

Quadra Island
Watercolor on watercolor paper
20" x 20"
Artist: Linda Rothchild Ollis

Combining realistic and abstract elements continues to
fascinate me. I focused on the play of light as it bounces
off the water onto a white boat, as well as reflections
in moving water.
I surrounded or framed this with muted or grayed
tones,and attempted a more abstract representation
near the edges.
In "Rainer 99", my last post, I explored rock shapes
in a similar way.
The possibilities seem endless!


I love both of them. They are so interesting to look at and the color palettes you used work so perfectly and comfortably together!
Margaret said…
This is a really interesting approach and I love the colors--very rich.
Thank you Phyllis, Angie, Jayne and Pat for your emails and Facebook comments about "Quadra Island":

WOW! I just love it! Color me jealous Phyllis

"Oh Linda, this brings back memories of last summer in the Canandian Gulf Islands. Amazing place and such beauctiful waters! Well Done!" Angela Grainger

"Outstanding, Linda! Love how you kept the blues and golds luminous and separated so they didn't bleed to green!"
Jayne Sonsalla Ferlitsch

"Truly beautiful...love it!"
Patricia Hussey Brown
Thank you for your kind words and the comments you emailed, Yvonne and Ellen:

The reflections of the colors on the water from boat docks etc is a continued fasination to me.
Thanks for this post

I love this one. Very moving piece.
Thank you for your comment:

John Ollis
This painting is fantastic. Could be one of your best watercolors as far as I am concerned!