Robert Genn Painting Workshop at Hollyhock, Cortes Island, B.C.

We were all attracted to the Hollyhock garden. Many
chose to paint there and on the beach, during the workshop.

I can still hear Bob say, "Commit and then correct as you paint",

"Start with a toned ground to remove the white of the canvas"
and "Paint the foreground trees first...establish the horizon line".

Below Bob demonstrates how to pour a diluted mix
of Phthalo blue paint, medium and water over the entire or
part of the painted surface.
A rag is used to spread this thin mixture. This technique
unifies the painting. The pale glow of the blue glaze enhanced
the orange that was added later.

This workshop on the beach, at Hollyhock, was fabulous.
If you are interested in a more adventurous format, Bob
takes painters by helicopter to the mountain tops.
Here is the information:

Workshop on Sep 4th to Sep 7th is in the
Bugaboos, BC, Canada - Robert Genn and Liz Wiltzen -
Ultimate Helipainting workshop in spectacular mountains,
plein air delights and brilliant reference. Luxury lodge,
the whole nine yards. Brochure not yet available.
Robert (604 538 9197) or Liz (cel 403 762 9339,
studio 403 763 9035) to discuss.

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