The Sitka Center for Art and Ecology

Hand carved post by Jay Haavik and students.

McKee House window seat.

Drawings for one of the hand carved posts by Jay Haavik.
Below, my friend Jodie at the front door of the McKee House.

Sitka office and view from the patio looking toward the ocean.

As an instructor, I had the pleasure of staying in the
McKee House residence,
at The Sitka Center for Art and Ecology, last week.
Hand carved posts, amazing architectural design
and lovely interior design make this new
residence a memorable place to stay.
The hand carved posts were designed by woodcarver Jay Haavik.
They were carved by Jay and many Sitka students.
The architect is Jay Raskin of Ecola Architects, and
the interior designer is Carrena Lukas.
Quoting from the Sitka website:
"Both residences are built with the environment and
the future in mind. Their foundations use an innovative
helical anchor system that allowed for shallow foundation
walls and minimal disruption to the existing trees. The walls
are double insulated and use high efficiency windows and
doors to retain heat. The wood was locally sourced. The
floor tiles were made with recycled materials and heated
with efficient radiant heat. The counters and cupboards
were also made with recycled materials. The refrigerator is
highly efficient. An automatic fire suppression system stands
ready to protect the structure in case of fire."


Ruth Armitage said…
Thanks for sharing images of a beautiful place, inside & out! I know your stay was full of fun and inspiration....