Photoshop Elements for Artists

Sitka Center for Art and Ecology, on the Oregon coast,
north of Lincoln City, has been a favorite destination for
over 20 years. I have enjoyed classes at this unique,
beautiful location and always look forward to returning.
On June 13 and 14th, I taught "Photoshop Elements for
Artists" at Sitka. The workshop focused on how to
combine fine art and technology. We used Photoshop Elements
to improve our use of values, contrast and composition.
We studied how to see the changes we want to make
before applying paint to canvas or paper.
Thank you, Jean, Pam, Kregg, Jodie, Claudia, Pam,
Nikki, Mary, Ron, Paula and Jerrie. I enjoyed meeting
you and exploring photo editing with you!

Thanks Claudia for your help and computer knowledge.
You can see how participants were able to follow the
photo editing lessons on the screen.

Kregg, Mary and Nikki

Nikki, Pam, Pam and Ron

Paula and Jerrie

Jean, Nikki and Mary

Clockwise from the top: Pam, Kregg, Jodie, Mary
Pam and Claudia