Photoshop Elements - Threshold Filter

Abstract (In Progress)
Here is an abstract that I started while attending the
Northwest Watercolor Society Paintout on Samish
Island, WA two weeks ago.

Before I added the three brown circles and line, in the top
half of the painting, it looked like this:

I used Photoshop Elements to help me decide how to
move forward. This digital image looks like the
image below when it is reduced to simple black
and white shapes. I was able to do this using the
Filter called Threshold in Photoshop Elements.

This Photoshop Elements Filter helped me to see that
the design has a strong diagonal shape. I wanted
to see if I could add a shape that would take some of
the emphasis away from the diagonal and anchor
the design to another edge of the painting.

This is what I tried first, then I added the line you see
in the top image in this post.

When I took a digital image of the top painting in this
post it looked like this with the Threshold Filter applied:

Using the Threshold Filter helps me to see that the
diagonal design now has less emphasis.


Lina-Paola said…
This is really cool that you are working with digital and traditional medium. Photoshop does really help you in your line of work, especially in this abstract piece. I can't wait to see the finished piece. Keep up the nice work!
Thanks, Lina. I enjoyed your art and website.