Palette Puddlers Workshop - Artists at Work


Original art work by Susan Bish
Susan completed the above painting using
only hand painted papers.

I had the pleasure of working with the
Palette Puddlers in Cannon Beach, Oregon
in February. They are a wonderful group of artists
that meet each week to paint, support each other,
coordinate exhibits of their work and
explore new art techniques. They asked me to
teach a two day workshop about acrylic hand
painted papers.
Susan Bish created the above painting
out of sheets of hand painted papers she created,
without using a paint brush.
The hand painted papers require many applications
of paint.
These artists below, were also in the workshop, share
what the papers look like in the first stages with only
the first applications of paint:

Debbie Janssen
 used a variety of
drip techniques.

 Sheila Brown
The insert in the
lower left hand corner
shows a close up
of the spattering
technique Sheila used.

Louise Birkenfeld
used the drip technique.

Jo Pomeroy Crockett
used her original stamps.