Miracle a Day Project by Susan Fay

First Trail Ride by Susan Fay   © 2011 All rights reserved.

Susan Fay has a blog that is a must see and a must read!

Her remarkable writing style will make you feel like you are
right there on the trail ride or with her as she shares stories
about her horses, cattle, dogs, ducks, and cats on her ranch
in North Plains, Oregon.
Sue is also a professional photographer and you will enjoy
her innovative use of photography and Photoshop.

Here is a sample of her writing, from her blog:

"The nuts and bolts of daily life have never filled my cup.
Give me a grand adventure, a tale that feeds my primitive soul,
and I'm happy.  Make it something rich in drama or
belly jiggling humor.  Better yet, add a dash of peril. 
A good companion and a trusty horse or dog
makes both the journey and the telling sweeter." - Sue Fay

Sue wrote the book "My Life with Bud - How a Blind Horse Taught Me to See"
which will be available through Amazon in April 2011!