Somewhere In The Middle

Somewhere In The Middle

Step 4 shows this painting is "somewhere in the middle",
not at the beginning and not quite finished.
My artist friend, Ruth Armitage, said
 my comment about a painting being
"somewhere in the middle" is a good title. I like it.
Sending all of you megawatts of positive energy in this New Year!
Thank you for all your emails, comments and interest!


Ruth Armitage said…
Hi Linda,
I'm loving the design & execution of this piece :) It's been fun to follow along with your process!
Thanks for the following email comments Phyllis, Dyanne and Cilla!

I love getting your emails! Happy 2011. Phyllis

Hi Linda,
I love the painting. At first I could not see the foot prints. You had mentioned them in your blog.... Then, I put the image on full screen and they came to life! Great concept and design. It looks finished... however, it is hard to tell subtle lights and darks on a computer screen. Enjoying your posts!!! Thanks for sharing...Dyanne

Hi Linda,
Very interesting photo. I really like it.
Happy New Year!'