Somewhere In The Middle - Final Steps

Version 1

Version 2

The final steps of a painting often involve viewing the
painting at a different angle or orientation. In Version 2
above, it is the same painting as Version 1. It is just
rotated to the right 90 degrees.
Several of my artist friends have sent me their opinions
about which version they prefer and I am learning a lot
from the responses.
What do you think?


PoetWhaleStudio said…
Walking along the sidewalk, the ring catches my eye as I see Version 2. When I stop to take a picture, then I prefer Version 1 because it allows me the comfort of being in the photo. Good work
SOiNTOiT said…
I like version 2, it is such a personal response. The angles are a bit more daring and I like that. (I'm always a bit taken aback, after finishing a painting or collage to move it and see it upside down and think maybe I like it better in a way I hadn't intended.)
mitch freifeld said…
hi linda, very nice work. but i have some big news! were you the one looking for a steady supply of freezer paper? well, the world can be a beautiful place, life can be good and the hills are alive with the sound of music! it's back at Safeway! the one on Murry and cornel at any rate. i was tempted to by the whole lot. but it might be a all safeways again. cheers, mitch
The following are emails sent to me about this post. Thanks, everyone!

As a design, I think the verticle has a stronger impact, but the realism of
the leaves makes me wonder why they haven't fallen down to the bottom of
the painting. Margaret Godfrey

I liked the top one a little more. My literal minded husband Don liked the
top one too. He said it looks more like you're stopping and looking down,
contemplating. The vertical view made him feel like you're walking by and
just happened to look down in passing. Sarah Bouwsma

For some reason my eye likes the first version best. It just reads better
for me. The painting certainly "works" both directions. Thanks again for
sharing these posts. - Phyllis Meyer
Susan Fay said…
Hi, Linda,

Love this tie ring in the curb along the sidewalk. It's a delightful holdover from a bygone era when horses were an integral part of the urban scene. From a design standpoint, I prefer version 2. I agree that the vertical lines are more daring.

Wonderful work, as always! Sue