Photoshop for Artists - Composition in Grayscale

We started this lesson about Photoshop Elements
and composition in yesterday's post.
Viewing a photo or a painting in progress, in grayscale mode,
helps to identify the light and dark values.
Here is the way I changed this photo to
a grayscale image:
Menu Bar > Image > Mode > Grayscale

As you can see, this is a rough image. I leave
the photo in a rough draft stage, because it is part of
developing the composition, similar to a rough pencil sketch.
In the next photo I use the Polygonal Lasso Tool to
select the areas I want to lighten, to see if they would
be interesting as the center of interest:

Tool Box > Polygonal Tool >See "10 6 2010 - Polygonal Lasso Tool" 
(Under "Basic Photoshop Elements for Artists" Section of this blog)
Click >Move Cursor >Repeat to draw the selection 

The next steps lighten the selected area of footprints
to create an interesting shape.
Menu Bar > Enhance > Adjust Lighting >
Brightness / Contrast dialog >
Brightness field = +40, Contrast = +18
Menu Bar >Enhance >Adjust Lighting >
Shadows / Highlights dialog box >Lighten Shadows
>Lighten Midtone Contrast

Then I create a selection around the tie ring area.
I repeat the above lighting and contrast
adjustments on the tie ring area.

In the next post we will see how this applies
to the painting in progress.