Judith Fredrikson and Mary Ann Gantenbein

Judith Fredrikson created the
above painting using acrylics and
acrylic hand painted papers. See two
more of her paintings at the end of this post.

I saw Judith and Mary Ann's work exhibited
in Cannon Beach at The Stormy Weather Arts Festival,
Saturday and wanted to share it with you.
They have created these paintings by
combining acrylic painting and the hand
painted paper techniques I taught at the
Trails End Art Association.
One of the main goals for class members
was to apply the techniques to their own
style and subject matter.
I really like what you have done Judith
and Mary Ann.

Mary Ann Gantenbein with her painting:
Walk On the Beach Toward Tillamook Head

Judith Fredrikson with her paintings:
Tidal Rocks and Cannon Beach Haystack

Judith and Mary Ann, thank you for
the inspiration and great artistic energy
you gave me, Saturday!