Photoshop for Artists - Eyedropper and Polygonal Lasso Tool

This is a good time to remind everyone about
a favorite "fix" anytime you click a command and want
to undo it:
Menu Bar>Edit>Undo or the shortcut Ctrl Z
Practice using this and then practice
Menu Bar>Edit> Redo to return back to where you
We will continue with our lesson from my last post on Oct. 4th
and use the Eye Dropper and Polygonal Lasso Tool.
I would like to see blue sky in the space occupied by the
lady standing next to Cathy.
We will use the Eye Dropper Tool to select the color of
the sky and put it in the Foreground Color Box (at the
bottom of the Tool Box)
Then we will select the lady using the Polygonal Lasso Tool
and fill that selected space with the blue sky color.
Tool Box>Click Eye Dropper> move cursor in the blue
space bewtween Cathy and the lady>Click.Look to see that the Foreground Color box (that was black)
has changed to the blue sky color.
Tool Box> Zoom Tool> Click and Drag to zoom in
on the work area.
Tool Box>Click Polygonal Lasso Tool >Place the cursor on the edge of
the photo near the lady's head. This is our Starting Point.
We will return to it after making a series of single clicks and close
the shape with a single click.
Click and move the Polygonal Lasso Tool to the right>Click>
move further down the space between Cathy and the lady to enclose
the lady's shape> Click again and make your way to the railing>
Click the Polygonal Lasso Tool >move to the left... to the edge of
the photo along the railing> Click> move up to the starting point>
look for a tiny circle next to the cursor to appear, as you move closer
to the Starting Point> Click.
You will see "marching ants" or a broken line to identify the selected area in the close up below:

Menu Bar>Edit>Click Fill Selection
Menu Bar>Select>Click Deselect or shortcut Ctrl D
The photo below shows how the selected area
looks now that blue sky is replacing the top part of the lady.
In the next post we will use the Clone Stamp Tool
to remove the rest of the lady.