Meet the Artist - Sept.25th

Steve, my hubby, helps me with so many
art related activities. Following the
"Meet the Artist" event at the
Rental Sales Gallery-Portland Art Museum,
here we are at the gallery window, in front of
my painting "Sunsit Patterns". Thanks Melissa
(one of the hard working gallery staff)
for the great photo.
This was the first of these events that will
feature a different group of artists each month.
It is a great opportunity for the public
to interact with artists and learn
about the process of making art.

Jennifer Zika and her staff created this wall
of my current work in the gallery, as a backdrop
for my painting demonstration.
Thanks Vince for taking this photo!

Here is a closer view of me applying the hand
painted papers. Thanks to my friend,
Bruce Ulrich, for taking this photo. He was one
of the featured artists, along with artist Donna Mattson
who gave a wonderful encaustic demonstration!


Brent said…
Im the first picture is the "art" the lovely painting, or the beautiful model to the left of the picture?
You are too kind,cuz. Thanks for following along and staying connected with your relatives way out here on the West Coast.