Do You Know What This Is?

Discovering Textures While Traveling

This hole cover on the deck of the ferry has
some amazing textures.
If you know what this hole cover is for,
please let me know. Is it for fuel or access
to the area below the car deck?
This is one of those times that
the artistic possibilities had my right brain
going and my left brain didn't stop
to ask one of the ferry workers for information
about it.

Here are what the textures look
like when enhanced in Photoshop:

Fun! Took this all the way on the color "saturation".


Carrie H. said…
I love how you exaggerated the textures in photoshop. I've been playing around with quick masks and layer adjustments - another mask app in Photoshop 7. I just realized Elements does not use masks so it's probably not on your priority list to create a tutorial. As far as this man hole hatch, hard to say but if it is near the stern maybe it goes to the lazarette!
Thank you Carrie for your comment and I appreciate your nautical knowledge about the
man hole hatch.