Time to Enjoy!

The 2010 Cascade AIDs Project Auction was
last night. I enjoyed the event with my son,
John Ollis (in the photo above). We are standing
in front of the painting I submitted to help raise
money for the Cascade Aids Project.

Thank you to the individual who purchased my
painting, "Through The Looking Glass Clearly"
at the Cascade AIDs Project Auction last night.
The last bid we saw was $595.
This lovely lady gave me permission to take
her photo as she viewed my painting.
Her headress was an amazing art piece which
included peacock feathers.
Having the opportunity to see art from so many
galleries in one location was a treat. The food
from The Heathman, Beast, Screen Door and
so many others restaurants was over the top


Blenda said…
Hi Linda,
What a great picture of you and your son, John! Congrats for raising a nice sum for a worthy cause. Have an enjoyment week ahead.
Thank you, Blenda.
Back to work on the Arts & Cultural Exchange paintings I will deliver Thursday!
Ruth Armitage said…
Thanks for sharing the great photos Linda :) What a nice evening it looks like! I've also been enjoying the photos of your process in your other posts!