Process Step 5

Each step is moving me closer to what I want
to see. Inspiration comes from studying
water flowing over beach rocks, depth of the
water between rocks and the rock textures.
You can see how softened edges on the left side
of the painting now look quite different than the
hard edges on the right side of the painting.


Blenda said…
Hi Linda,
This looks like a very fun project that you are working on! Reminds me of Brookings and the rock gathering expedition! Good times!
Also, here is that link I promised to give you so that you can see all your Etsy hearts on one page. Go to the heart-o-matic section, plug in your Etsy ID and Walla!
Enjoy the rest of your week.
The hand painted textures are fun.
Beach rocks and water have been a favorite of mine for years. Thank you for the Etsy link.