Watch Carolyn Cole on OREGON ART BEAT this Thursday, February 4 at 8pm OPB

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See Carolyn Cole on OREGON ART BEAT this Thursday,
February 4 at 8pm on the stations of Oregon Public Broadcasting.

“Carolyn Cole is perhaps one of the most successful
abstract painters in Oregon. Her paintings combine dense
surfaces, abstract geometry and layers and layers of paint --
but the secret to her success is plain old-fashioned hard work.”
from Oregon Art Beat press release.

Although we have talked at art openings, I have spent more
time with Carolyn's work at many Portland locations, including
doctor’s waiting areas. Once I stood in front of one of her wall
size paintings, for so long, a nurse came by and asked me if I
was okay.

I blurted out, “Carolyn Cole did this! Look at her
brilliant use of color... she cut through this layer to reveal
the painted layer below and she placed an envelope under the
surface of the paint to create an almost hidden layer.”
Instead of calling security, the nurse
responded…”I have always appreciated the color, design
and size, but now I see why you have been studying it for so long.”

Al and Mary Gore, Walt Disney Productions,
Lord & Taylor Department Store – NY, are among
many who are fortunate to own Carolyn’s work.
The full list is on her website:
under Exhibitions and Collections - “Selected Private / Public Collections”
It also lists locations in Portland where you can see her paintings in person.

Congratulations on your success, Carolyn!
Thank you for permission to share your work. All copyrights
reserved for Carolyn Cole. Out of respect for this artist – please
no copies or reproductions of paintings in this post.