Moving Forward

Apples, Vase and View - Improved
9 3/4" x 9 3/4" Acrylic on hardboard

This painting has waited patiently since
last May for me to figure out how
to move it forward. I like the new
"Improved" version above, with more color.
Are you comfortable with the new colors,
as they appear on your screen (lots of variation...I know)?

The painting below, which was posted in May 2009
was my first attempt at this subject matter.
Some of my artists friends wisely suggested
changing the color.

First attempt -Apples, Vase and View


Ruth Armitage said…
The more colorful vesrion seems happier, more optimistic. Beautiful :) Enjoy this sunny day!
Yes I agree, it sparkles more and feels more lively. Great work!