Leroy Setziol - Wood Sculptor Extraordinaire

A multiple-panel bas relief in hand-carved Oak.
1987 Sculpture, white oak
96 × 192 inches
Lake Oswego City Hall, 1st floor, facing entrance

The Leroy Setziol Door

The Leroy Setziol Door, unlike his other works
in galleries across the Northwest, arrived
at The ReBuilding Center strapped to a flat-bed truck.
It is a story of trash and treasure, of a beautiful and
valuable piece of art that nearly ended up in the landfill.

Soon to be showcased by The ReBuilding Center,
the Setziol Door's unique carving, geometric pattern and
gentle craftsmanship are its signature. The intricate
patterns of ridges divided by flowing lines and organic
shapes are smoothed not by sanding, but by deliberate
carving and oiling by hand.

On Earth Day, April 22nd, 2010, the Setziol Door
will be showcased at Open the DOOR to Sustainability,
hosted by The ReBuilding Center of Our United Villages.
A series of artist doors will be auctioned, created by
Pacific Northwest artists from doors reclaimed from
local Portland homes.

Leroy Setziol died on November 17, 2005.

Years ago, I was one of a group of artists
that met Leroy Setziol and visited his studio.
I am indebted to Charlotte Abernathy,
who organized the group.
The energy and inspiration from this artist
remains with me, even after all these years.
During the next few days, I will share
more of his story with you.

I am honored to be part of
Open the DOOR to Sustainability - an art event
that will pay tribute to Leroy Setziol. Along with his
story, I will post the process of creating the art that
will be part of this event.