Merriman Falls - Lake Quinault WA

Talk about synergy! The best part about this
blog is that your energy and contributions
make this art a collaborative effort. I am living
with your title suggestions (from the Jan. 18th post)
and will decide by Tuesday. Meanwhile, your
thoughts and words have given me ideas
for more paintings. Thank you, Brent, Margaret,
Leah and Ruth.
Today's post is from two photos I have
merged in Photoshop. What a brain teaser
it is to figure out what needs to be deleted or
pushed back and what needs to be brought
forward. Perhaps the lower part of the image is
a bit foreboding...with it looking like the road
is washed away?


Ruth Armitage said…
Hi Linda,
I read it as the road leading you into the mountain and toward the crystal waters. I might get rid of the road sign or push it farther bac... maybe change the color from that yellow to something more harmonious? Fun painting! Also I wonder if the highest contrast area could be a little higher?