Before and After - Compare These Two Paintings

Ken's Fruit Tart Improved
Working on other paintings and having some time to revisit
"Ken's Fruit Tart", helped me to see that it needed more color.
I like the richer reds in the raspberries and darker blues in the
black berries. The "Before" painting, with less intense color is the
same as my last post in October. The other is the "After" version.
Sometimes it just takes time to see the painting in a "new light".


Ruth Armitage said…
Beautiful changes Linda! I've been painting walls & ceilings in the new house... aching muscles and itchy art ideas.... Looking forward to being in my new studio :) Thanks for the inspiration as always!
xo Ruth
Glad you like the changes.
How do you do it all, Wonder Woman?
Soon you will be in your new studio.
Leah said…
...Oh yes Linda, 'tart improved' definitely makes my mouth water. How interesting to see how the darker berriers and warmer peach tones create that invonuntary urge. A yummy painting to be sure. Hugs, Leah