Digital Images as Inspiration -WSO Photoshop Presentation

The Photoshop Presentation, for the
Watercolor Society of Oregon, 10/3/09,
was a pleasure to prepare and share.
Many thanks to members of WSO
who added to the inspirational spirit
of the presentation by participating.

My favorite part of the presentation
involved developing a painting idea
from reference photos taken from
a live model. Since, several WSO members
requested instruction about how to use
"Filters" or "Effects" in Adobe
Photoshop Elements, prior to the session,
I explored the possibilities with reference
photos of "Alisha".
At the end of the presentation, several
members of WSO asked for the Photoshop
Elements steps involved in my exploration.
Here is the first post of several, that will review
that part of the presentation.
Several members of my art group, "Splash",
met at Kathy's, the home of one of our members.
The professional model, Alisha, is the daughter
of one of our members, Misty. I photographed Alisha
from several different angles and selected the
two below to develop my painting idea:
(Thanks ahead of time for respecting my copyright
on this entire lesson and all photographs.)
One of these photos shows more of the shadow on the door,
and the other shows more of the light on Alisha's leg.
In the next post, I will show how I selected what I liked most
from each photo and combined them into one photo.