Time To Enjoy Life

Family, friends, travel and enjoying warm weather have
been more important than my regular painting schedule
these past few weeks.

It was wonderful to spend time with friends, Dyanne
and Sarah in August. We drove to Coos Bay, Oregon, to
see the National Watercolor Society Show at the Coos
Art Museum. If you want to see the show, here is the link:

Steve and I have escaped the 100 degree days by enjoying
the cool ocean breeze in Astoria, one of my favorite coastal towns.
Two of our latest discoveries are:
1. The Coffee Girl
http://thecoffeegirl.net/ on the 39th Street Pier - Astoria
has yummy mocha cake, award winning lattes and outdoor seating.
Perfect spot to view sea lions, cargo ships and river traffic.
2. Baked Alaska
http://www.bakedak.com/ 12th Street - Astoria
Forget the recession while you enjoy their delicious Happy Hour $3
menu in the lounge. This isn't paid advertising...just the
credit they deserve. We plan to return.