Research and Development

When asked where do you get your ideas for paintings,
artists may have a variety of responses. The
consistent themes I hear from artists are, "I stop and
observe" and "Inspiration comes from everywhere."
An emotional response, a busy city street, a country road,
a model's pose, a park, a son or daughter's band practice, swim
meet or a trip to a foreign country to observe a religious
/ cultural event can all provide ideas for art. When we stop to
photograph something that catches our eye, we are all artists.
As is the case with many artists I know, my research and
development, extends further than recording what I see.
For several years, I have been using Photoshop to change
what the camera sees, to what I want to see. Please see the
above images as an example.
The above image, that is darker, is an example of the original,
unedited image. The image with more color is the edited image
that I am considering for painting inspiration and reference.
For those of you attending my WSO Photoshop Session on
Oct. 3rd. this is one of the examples I will use, and you will see
the steps in tomorrow's post and more detailed instruction
at the session on Oct. 3rd.