Inspiration from Karin Jurick

Karin Jurick -Oil Painter
In addition to being a prolific, accomplished painter,
her unique insights from an artist's perspective,
seem relevant to all of the arts, as well as non-artists.
This quote is from her July 28 post "Baby Steps":

"Unlike the norm, I've labored over another painting
for 3 days. At some point, my stubborn side turns into
exhaustion and I think the next day will magically take
care of my failures. Most days have flow - few don't.
It comes with the job. A lesson I learned a while back
was to check on the rest of my life, see what's out of sorts -
like a house that needs cleaning or laundry that needs
washing. Simple things like that can preoccupy the mind
and clog up the creative process. And most importantly,
I shelved the 3-day failure, squeezed out a new palette
of oils and I'm moving on."

Here is her link:

Karin has a separate blog that features other artist's work:
Different Strokes From Different Folks
- one photograph painted by many

On this blog, she challenges artists to paint from a
photograph she posts. She encourages creativity in design,
selection and interpretation. You see the results as artists
submit them. It is an excellent venue for artists, of all skill levels,
to see their work next to other artist's work.
Here is the link: