Dancing Lights and Paradise

Dancing Lights and Paradise
Original Watercolor on Arches 100% Archival Rag Paper
20" x 28"

How does an artist find inspiration?
When I slow down and enjoy all of the shapes,
values, colors, patterns and lines that surround me
everyday, inspiration is everywhere.
Being selective, when there is so much to observe
is the challenge for me. I wait for the "WOW!" factor.
When visual input is different, exciting and I feel like I want to share
it with others, I consider it possible subject matter.

In 1993 my fascination with objects looking distorted,
when viewed through a glass, began.
This is the first painting I did to record that inspiration.


Phoenix said…
Very beautifully expressed.. both in paint and in words.
Thank you for viewing my blog and your kind words.