Cherries 2

Cherries 2
Acrylic on hardboard
5 ¾” x 5 ¾”

This lovely china that my friend, Cilla, loaned me,
was a pleasure to use as subject matter with cherries.
I really enjoy the way the curved painted surface
of the porcelain cup looks with the bright red cherries.
Thanks Cilla for the inspiration!


Anonymous said…
When is a cherry more than a mere cherry? With Linda's vision, a delightful summer fruit and enchanting teacup are elevated to something more. The 'more' is ever present, waiting in the wings for us to glimpse its power, strength, beauty, and grace. It takes a true artist to remind us that we, too, are meant to see and enjoy the way light caresses surfaces.
You get what motivates me...the light caressing the surface.
Thank you Sue (Anonymous), for your eloquent words.