In Progress - Moment To Remember 29

In Progress - Moment To Remember 29
Acrylic on hardboard
10" x 10"

My focus in this series has been on glass
and reflections on the table. Everytime
they fit in the compostition, I include salt and
pepper shakers. There is something so simple,
yet interesting, about the shape, as well as the
the metal cap and glass combination. In this
painting my goal is to make the shakers the
"stars" of the painting. Also, the distorted
shape of the chair, as you look through the
glass, has a leading role.
This painting was also a great opportunity to
continue working with a limited palette.


Ruth Armitage said…
I love how the salt & pepper nestle together :)
Thanks for following my blog, Ruth. I revisited this painting to add more color to the salt and pepper shakers.
Ruth Armitage said…
yes... :) I see them first now!