In Progress - Moment To Remember 28

In Progress - Moment To Remember 28
Acrylic on hardboard
10" x 10"

Here is the next in the series of table tops and
light shining through glass. Unlike some of the earlier
paintings in this series, more
blue was used in the glass. I enjoy the way it adds
more sparkle and draws my attention to that
part of the painting.


Margaret said…

I really like the more intense blue. This series is so intimate!

Blenda said…
Hi Linda!
To my pleasant surprise I just stumbled across your blog! How are you doing?
Your paintings are lovely as ever.
Remember me? We went walking at the Donna Zagotta workshop :^)
All my best,
Joseph said…
I like this one. I like the way you used the glass to pull the image of the napkin. Also, unrelated to your painting, I figured out how to hyper-link an image to my Picasa web album. But in order to get back to the blog I have to hit the back button on my browser. I used the hyper-link on my image of my bicycle. I may remove the hyper-link in a few days. I just wanted to see if I could do it. Later I'll link to a custom group of my images.