In Progress - Thinking Outside The Bowl

I am grateful to all of you who leave comments and send emails.
Your kind words and support often help me with the painting process.
Thank you!!

Some of you told me you enjoyed seeing the progress of a painting.
The first steps of my current piece are above.
The first monochromatic image shows the underpainting of the
values in purple. Judy Treman,
a Washington artist, who paints vibrant watercolor paintings,
used purple to establish her shadows in her book, Building Brilliant Watercolors.
I found a purple combination of two acrylic paints,
that works for me and appreciate her idea.
The second image shows the addition of a yellow layer to
help the apples appear "in front" of the background.
In the third image, the fun of adding the red layer on just
one apple, lets you see the difference this step makes!