Bound To Red, White and Blue

Bound To Red, White and Blue
20 x 28 inches

In yesterday's post, I included this piece in the
photo of the lesson done with Photoshop, showing
it as it appeared on the computer screen.

Here is the final version of the painting.
Port Angeles Boat Yard, in Washington, was were
I found this cleat on an old fishing boat.
Painting it was my way of paying tribute to an
amazing way of life that is disappearing.
It was also about a year after 9/11 and the color
and title helped me to pull together the two ideas of
strength of the fishermen and my pride in America.


Ruth Armitage said…
Beautiful image, and I love the way you describe your inspiration, Linda. I know the artists at your presentation were inspired and amazed with what you do! Thanks for a fun weekend at the coast!
Thank you, Ruth!
Debbie Marble and I were discussing
yesterday, how much your "Mock Jury" session was a real eye opener for all of us.
Great job and thank you for the great times!