Bound To Red, White and Blue - Photoshop Elements Lesson

On Saturday, I enjoyed presenting a photo editing workshop for
the Watercolor Society of Oregon at our convention in Astoria.
The images above show the actual working screen printout of "Layers",
a color study, and a value study to explore, using Photoshop Elements 6.
The participating members added to the fun, by interacting during
the lessons and contributing photos to be edited.

The first time I used photo editing for developing a painting idea
was with my original painting, "Bound to Red, White and Blue" in 2002.
Please note the difference of using photo editing to "develop an idea"
vs. photo editing used to edit a photo. There is a big difference.
The final painting is not in any way a "photocopy" of the original photo.
For me, photo editing software helps with the creative process.